Who We Are

Shawn Fisher

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Shawn is the artist behind the plans you find on The Home Plan Store. Over the course of 30+ years, Shawn has been designing homes for various clients across the country and North America. Shawn is passionate about his family, art, and living life to the fullest.

Heather Fisher

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Heather, Shawn's wife, is the inspiration behind much of Shawn's artwork. Her encouragement for him to follow his dreams has helped pave the road to launching The Home Plan Store. Heather is also passionate about her family, and she creates art of her own by redoing furniture, rooms, and other projects.

Hayley Garrett

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Hayley, Shawn's daughter, began working for Shawn Fisher Design in 2020. Hayley found inspiration to launch The Home Plan Store from looking through Shawn's years of work and art. Hayley also loves soaking up time outdoors with her husband, Hunter.

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